Recently I went on a wonderful trip to Glasgow, to do a specialty traininIMG_1565g in Shiatsu for Pregnancy for Massage Therapists by the inspiring Lucy Trend. The course is designed by experienced shiatsu practitioner Suzanne Yates (check it out at

Dogs enjoy shiatsu as well :-)

Dogs enjoy shiatsu as well 🙂

In the upcoming 4 months I’ll be incorporating the techniques into my normal massage practice; have found 4 pregnant mothers who are willing to be my ‘case studies’. Am feeling excited to try out a new routine!

Glasgow University

Glasgow University

Apart from enjoying the training, I loved Glasgow as well!!

Recently I received a beautiful feedback (and a 90% score) for my practical assignment: “Right from the start you established a trusting and gentle relationship with your client, introducing yourself and your background thoroughly which paved the way for good communication throughout the session. Your touch looks very sensitive, and your use of mother hand was exceptional, particularly I noticed this when you were massaging the back of her leg. You have some beautiful foundation skills, you chose from them appropriately to IMG_1599give just what was needed in this situation. You also chose new techniques that you learned from the course, the psoas stretch was particularly appropriate, and your hip rotations too. You seemed to f
ollow your intuition as you worked smoothly around the body, and you wove the new in with the old to make a nice flowing session from start to finish. Your energy work was very sensitive. Overall an excellent session of a very high standard, well done.”